Integra Business Services L.L.C. is celebrating its 7th year anniversary. The company was formed on June 1, 2005 and has been moving forward, progressively ever since. We certainly know that we could not have come this far without the continued support of our terrific clients and we wish to take this opportunity to sincerely say "Thank You!" Integra has plans to continually expand our operations, but as we do, we promise to remain focused on our three foundational principles—Integrity, Dependability & Quality. All of us at Integra know what got us to where we are today and we will always honor and respect the trust that our clients place with us. Thank you again and we will look forward to many more anniversaries.


"What's the highest praise you can give a company: they deliver what they promise, how they promise, and when they promise.  That's Integra Business Services, a company of their word.  In an Election industry that itself is all about results, Integra is the one that always delivers the results and professionalism I most admire."

    Mark A. Von Nida
Madison County Clerk
Madison County, Illinois


"Integra has been our vendor for some time. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have the highest integrity. What makes Integra truly valuable to us is their ability to anticipate issues we might have in the future and to recommend proactive steps we can take now to address them. Integra's foresight and expertise help us both to avoid problems and to save money. I recommend them highly."


Gordy Hulten
Champaign County Clerk
Champaign County, Illinois

"As a County Elections Authority, I strive to provide the most accurate, efficient and trusted election services possible to my constituents. It is both refreshing and comforting to find an Elections Vendor like Integra who shares the same philosophy. For example, after completing the equipment maintenance on my County's Election equipment prior to the last election, the Integra staff reassured me that "your election machines were just maintained like they are our own – your election will go fine" – and it did! I truly appreciate the excellent care, the personal touch, and the proven results I receive with Integra, and heartily recommend them to other Election Authorities."

    Sandy Leitheiser
Montgomery County Clerk & Recorder
Montgomery County, Illinois


"Integra offers the experience and dedication I look for from all our partners in the election business. We don't get a second chance to run an election if the machines don't work as expected. When these guys finish with our equipment, I know the devices will perform as needed come election day. Integra offers a quality, valuable service at an affordable price which translates into the best possible product for my constituents."

    Larry W. Reinhardt
Jackson County Clerk & Recorder
Jackson County, Illinois

"Integra does a great job making sure that our election equipment will be working up to my standards on Election Day. It's obvious that they take pride in their work. I feel confident that our elections will run smoothly."

    Margie M. Mullins
Winnebago County Clerk
Winnebago County, Illinois


“I can’t say enough good things about this company. Integra offers stress relief and peace of mind to their clients because they know the election industry and are conscientious in providing excellent service time after time. Integra operates the way an election vendor should… they do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it.”

    Rebecca Huntley
Ogle County Clerk & Recorder
Ogle County, Illinois


"Integra makes my life as a County Clerk much easier at election time. They understand the needs of County Clerks and Election Administrators. Their years of experience and professionalism combine to always exceed my expectations."

    Sally J. Litterly
Logan County Clerk & Recorder
Logan County, Illinois


"Integra does a great job and have been a big help to me and my staff. They make sure that our equipment is well-maintained and operating at optimal efficiency. It's obvious they take pride in their work and I feel confident that our elections have a much better chance of running smoothly. Thank you for the high quality service you are providing."

    Vici R. Otte
Stephenson County Clerk & Recorder
Stephenson County, Illinois


"Integra Business Services is dedicated to helping their clients: they want their clients to feel confident in the services they provide, and in turn, their clients will look good in administering their jobs. As a County Clerk and Election Administrator, I know that Integra's people truly understand what we expect and demand. They embody what quality of service means."

    Andrea J. Mahoney-Platt
Marshall County Clerk & Recorder
Marshall County, Illinois


"Integra Business Services' election and technical support teams not only provide the highest caliber of professional expertise, but also provide the greatest personal expertise: they make sure our needs are always met.  Thanks to Integra, our last election ran very smoothly.  This group is the best, and I will recommend them to anyone."

    Sharon L. Holmes
DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder
DeKalb County, Illinois