Integra Business Services L.L.C. is celebrating its 7th year anniversary. The company was formed on June 1, 2005 and has been moving forward, progressively ever since. We certainly know that we could not have come this far without the continued support of our terrific clients and we wish to take this opportunity to sincerely say "Thank You!" Integra has plans to continually expand our operations, but as we do, we promise to remain focused on our three foundational principles—Integrity, Dependability & Quality. All of us at Integra know what got us to where we are today and we will always honor and respect the trust that our clients place with us. Thank you again and we will look forward to many more anniversaries.

The Partners


Photo of John KruszynskiJohn began his career in elections in 1983 when he was employed by Frank Thornber Company as a Technical Services Representative.  In 1985 the company was acquired by Business Records Corp. (BRC) where John continued his duties as an election support specialist.  During his time with BRC, John performed hardware maintenance on both punch card and optical scan voting equipment.  In 1988, John left BRC to pursue an opportunity to sharpen his electronics troubleshooting skills, taking an Electronics Technician position at Vern Kiebler Electronics in Wheaton Il.  At this local electronics manufacturing firm, John performed component level troubleshooting and repair of printed circuit boards and electronic devices that were produced by the company.

In 1991, John was offered the chance to join a start-up software development company at the ground floor.  John accepted a position as a Technical Support Engineer at Palindrome Software where he provided telephone support to users of the company’s hardware and software.  Palindrome was acquired by Seagate Corp and renamed Seagate Software in 1994.  It was around this time that John moved from Tech Support into the Software Development department where he took a position as Software Test Engineer.  In 1998, John was promoted to the position of Quality Assurance Manager, where he supervised the software testing department, creating software test plans and performing software tests.  John continued his duties as a Quality Assurance Manager until 2003 when he left the software development field to return to the Election business.  This is when he accepted a position at Fidlar Election Company as Project Manager.  By using his strong electronics background and his extensive software support and software testing experience,  John adapted quickly to the support and servicing requirements of the voting system hardware and software components sold by Fidlar.  He made an immediate contribution by leading a team of technicians on a series of road trips across the State of Wisconsin performing preventative maintenance on the optical scan tabulators in each county.  John was promoted to the title of Director of Elections in the spring of 2004, and in this position he managed the Election Programming and Customer Support departments.

John left Fidlar Election Company in 2005 and started his partnership in Integra Business Services where he continues to use his electronics hardware and software support skills to provide election consulting services and voting equipment repair and maintenance to customers throughout the Midwest.


Photo of Jeff Vangetson, Managing partner / co-founder of Integra Business Services Jeff VanGetson’s commitment to the election industry is long-standing and long-lived.  In 1968, while in school, Jeff worked his first election, checking in and keeping inventory of election supplies, and transporting election supplies and equipment at the county courthouse.  In the mid-1970s, Jeff started printing and preparation of ballot pages, specimen ballots and many other governmental forms for the Frank Thornber Company while he was an Account Executive with Charles P. Young Company in Chicago, Illinois.

Jeff remained in the printing industry and in 1991 formed V G Graphics, Inc., a full-service printing organization.  One of V G Graphics’ clients turned out to be Governmental Business Systems, for which V G Graphics typeset and printed forms, ballot pages, and ballot cards; and prepared and assembled vote recorders.  Later, when GBS started selling the AccuVote System for Global Elections (later Diebold, then Premier Election Solutions, briefly ES&S, and presently Dominion—a foreign based company), V G Graphics also typeset and printed AccuVote ballots—having to create each oval individually as a laid-in graphic via early desktop publishing software—when the early VTS software’s limited structure made such manual creation necessary and before GEMS software streamlined and boilerplated ballot creation.

When V G Graphics merged with GBS in the mid-1990s, Jeff served as Sales Manager, developed the in-house printing operations, and secured and serviced his own key account assignments.  After GBS was sold to Fidlar Election Company, Jeff resigned his position and started considering a number of entrepreneurial options.  In the meantime, a number of County Clerks and Election Administrators throughout the Midwest began contacting Jeff to lament the lack of service and support from their current election vendors, and further, to seek his counsel.  And so Integra Business Services was born: Jeff partnered with John Kruszynski to provide the quality of service election officials expect and demand.  Since its inception, Integra Business Services’ three foundational principles—integrity, dependability, and service—have guided the company in service to jurisdictions across the Midwest.

Jeff’s wife of thirty-seven years, Debby, is a high school English teacher, and they have been blessed with two children: son Aaron, his wife Cecy and their sons Stefan and Marcus; daughter Gretchen, her husband Wyatt Meek and their son Anders. Jeff is an FAA licensed pilot and also enjoys sailing, playing music, and sports in general. Additionally, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Center for History, he is on the Scholarship Committee for the American Indian Advisory Council, and he is proud to be a Rotarian.